With Proflex Roofing you can use all the accessories that are applied in a conventional roofing system. For example: Hangers, wind operated turbo ventilators, transparent polycarbonate skylights, insulations and false ceiling amongst others.

Turbo Ventilators

Wind-Operated | Single Module | Double Module | Triple Module Turbo Ventilators, which are fixed over the roofs, help in reducing problems associated with heat and moisture as they accumulate hot air from inside the building using natural convection.

Since they work on the simple principle of wind-assisted rotation and stack effect, they do not require electricity and can rotate even at a low wind speed of 1 kmph., while remaining stable at a high wind speed of 100 kmph.

  • High performance and cost-effective
  • Efficient noiseless ventilation
  • Durable with almost zero maintenance
  • Designed to reduce condensation and mildew
  • Architecturally and aesthetically appealing
  • Precision balanced, low inertia head design, with Vari-pitch adapter base

Proflex offers Skylights made from polycarbonate for natural lighting. They can be fixed at regular intervals along the length of the roof. Different available sizes: 7 ft. | 14 ft. | 21 ft. | 28 ft.


Metal hooks or hangers are used to suspend light fixtures, cable trays, false ceilings, ducts and point loads, etc. Placed at pre-determined locations, each hanger or hook has a different load carrying capacity, which is defined by the thickness of the material chosen.