Proflex Roofing Solutions Technology uses high quality, high grade, pre-coated Galvalume Steel as the basic Raw material. The panel forming and installation is a 100% on-site process. The Mobile panel forming Units (roll-forming/panel fabrication equipment) along with crane, seaming and other equipments are transported to project sites with required manpower, enabling panel forming & installation instantaneously.

This nature of the process allows high-speed operations, bringing substantial benefits where time is a crucial factor. Precisely, the advantages of this new-age technology are many and favorable.

The raw-material, i.e., steel coils of the designed width, is fed into the Mobile panel forming Units. This Mobile panel forming Unit equipment forms profiled panels having the desired finished width, length and curvature, in two stages. The installation shall start from one end of the building, and moving along the length of the building, the process shall be completed. These panels are fixed to RCC gutter beam with Anchor bolts or with Nut Bolts in case of Steel Beams at both ends.

The roofing panels are installed over concrete/steel gutter-beams (constructed by the client). The conceptual dimensional drawing of the required gutter-beams will be available to the customer from PROFLEX. The RCC/ steel sub-structure has to be designed considering the arch reaction data & load combinations given by Proflex Roofing Solutions. It shall be within the purview of the Consulting Engineer to ensure the structure is designed to cater to the adverse load conditions.

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