Features of standard turbo ventilator & advanced turbo ventilator
  • No Electricity
  • No Wiring
  • No Running Expenses
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fresh Air 24 x 7
  • Noiseless Operation
  • No Ingress of Rain Water
  • Exhausts Stale, Hot, Humid & Fumes/ Pollutants
  • Non-stop Induced Ventilation even in absence of breeze
  • Ensures Rotation at the Lowest Wind Velocity
  • Withstands High Wind Velocity
Importance and application of ventilators

One of the major concerns for most industrial workplaces and sheds is proper ventilation. The lack of which can lead to the build-up of heat, moisture, pollution and even potentially harmful chemicals in the air inside the buildings or industrial sheds. Natural ventilation is gaining prominence with Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators replacing the conventional ventilators and exhaust fans that run on electricity.

An effective and efficient exhaust system, Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators, remove hot and stale air from the working space of industries, warehouses, workshops and other enclosed structures without use of electricity. The mechanics involved is simple; when the hot air inside the building /shed tends to rise up, the turbines rotate and suck the warm air out through the vent, thereby, bringing a drop in the temperature of the shed and allowing supply of fresh air through doors and windows. Powered by wind, our range of Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators work effectively in low wind velocity and can withstand high velocity of wind as well.