Presenting a Revolutionary Steel Building Solution

What is Proflex Steel Buildings (PSB)?

It is a first-of-its-kind steel building solution that makes durable buildings through a state-of-the-art mobile machine within days; unlike the PEB or conventional roofing solutions that take weeks or months to construct a structure. This novel technology aims to revolutionise the steel building construction in India with its high speed and low cost manufacturing ability. This 'factory on wheels' that can produce steel buildings on-site for a wide range of applications.

How it works?

Made using innovative technology, this mobile machine is a self contained manufacturing factory with an array of ancillary support equipment. It can be transported directly to construction site where it can manufacture and assemble approximately 200-300 square meters (ground area) of steel buildings in a day.

Easy to operate, efficient, and safe, this machine can shape, cut and curve thin sheets of steel for construction in minutes. Using a microprocessor precision and safety, this integrated machine produces unique structures that are made of self supporting arches and do not use beams, trusses, columns, nuts, bolts, fasteners, screws or sealants.

This technology is extremely useful especially when the construction site is located at remote areas; simply transport the machine by truck and this ‘factory on wheels’ will fabricate and assemble the entire building.


Sports facilities | Low-cost residential projects | Warehouses | Defence | Agriculture | Maintenance facilities | Train stations | Hangars | Workshops | Disaster relief shelters | Oil and gas refineries | Power plants | and much more...

Add-ons for added advantage

Add doors, shutters or windows to your Proflex Steel Buildings (PSB) for additional convenience.

  • Rapid construction
    An all-in-all manufacturing factory on wheels, Proflex Steel Buildings technology not only simplifies construction, but also is capable of fabricating, assembling and setting up an entire building at the construction site within days.
  • Cost-effective
    Proflex Steel Buildings cost less than conventional or PEB structures. This feasible solution not only saves money, but also your time.
  • Mobility
    The machine can be safely transported by truck to any construction site in the remotest of areas.
  • Flexible designs
    Proflex Steel Buildings can design structures according to your specific needs and requirements small or large clear spans, customised length and ease of unlimited expansions in the future make it a preferred choice over PEB and conventional building solutions.
  • Aesthetically appealingCreate beautiful self-supporting ground-to-ground panels with circular / arch, double radius and gable type / A-shape.
  • Durable and maintenance-free
    Proflex Steel Buildings are virtually maintenance-free. They have been tested in western countries to withstand severe weather conditions including typhoons, earthquakes, heavy winds and rainfall.
Flexible designs to suit your needs
  • Type 1
    Circular / Arch
  • Type 2
    Double Radius
  • Type 3
    Gable Type / A-Shape