Unique Features Of The Profile
  • Site rolled profiled single sheet from high speed versatile Profile Former
  • 610 mm wide, 76 mm depth Profile
  • 100 % leakproof Standing Seam
  • Field Seam 360°
  • Weathertight roofing system
  • High durability
  • Vertical or trapezoidal leg standing seams
  • Special clips for thermal roof expansion and contraction during extreme temperature changes
  • Up to 80 mts. length

About Proflex

Proflex, established in 2001, is a pioneer of Self Supported Steel Roofing in India. It has revolutionised the roofing industry with Self Supported Steel Roofing - roofing solutions based on arch-shaped multi-benefit American Roofing technology. It has successfully installed 1 crore sq. mts. of roofing till date and enjoys more than 75% market share. Proflex is the only company to have its own fleet of cranes for industrial roofing erection. It is also the only company in India that offers complete solution to clients, including original technology, structural load reactions data, conceptual drawings and project management support.

About Standing Seam Roof

Proflex is proud to bring to you Standing Seam Roof (SSR), one of the most durable and weathertight roof system available in the Industry. Proflex supplies high-quality standing seam metal roofing, which is light weight and a great choice for commercial, recreational and residential building applications. This roofing system is not only structurally sound, but also has an aesthetic appeal.

These panels are site rolled formed in continuous lengths out of portable roll former. It is a mechanically seamed structural panel with 610 mm width and 76 mm depth profile. It also has a double locked 360o seam and continuous Z-rib clips that provide superior uplift performance for high-wind conditions. These panels run parallel to the slope of the roof and are joined to the adjacent panels with double locked standing seams. These site rolled steel profiled panels are fixed to Z-clips placed over cold formed Z sections over PEB steel structures/ conventional steel structures, irrespective of wind speeds. This roofing system can be used for replacement of old asbestos, GI and color-coated sheet in projects where the service life of old sheets is already over. It offers a 100% leakproof roof, a domain where Proflex is a renowned name.

Profile Drawing