What started as a dream in 1951 has evolved into the prestigious M&B Group. The Group has been constantly achieving new milestones in the construction and engineering industry in India. With an annual turnover of INR 7 billion and supported by a team of nearly 5000 professionals and workers; the Group pursues technological advancements to keep pace with the fast-developing infrastructure in India.

The Group enjoys the reputation of a pioneer responsible for introducing the world-class technologies and construction standards in India. Take for instance, the example of Proflex Roofing Solutions that took the roofing industry in India to new heights. Its launch in 2001 introduced the world-class Self Supported Steel Roofing made with patented high standard roofing technology invented in USA and utilized in more than 60 countries as durable industrial roofing for multiple applications. Today, Proflex has emerged as one of the top metal roofing companies, with expertise in Self Supported Roofing System in India.

Employing sophisticated equipment and supported by an expanding network spanning the length and breadth of India, the M&B Group dominates the Country's engineering and construction industry having captured a sizeable market share.

The M&B Group takes pride in leading industry standards in India through quality, innovation and unmatched customer service.